Monday, August 31


I have been cleaning all friggin' day.  Lifting an EXTREMELY heavy tv+ tv stand and a baby grand piano all alone.  I got a little off track and started cleaning the living room instead.  It looks SOO much better than before.  Pictures to come.  This is what came of my feet.  Yuck!


My plan for today.  Catch up on flickr and blog updates for a little, then hardcore cleaning.  My plan is to leave for San Diego after I have reorganized and redecorated the whole apartment so it's comfortable and easy for my mother.

1. Clean kitchen and dining room.
2.  Living room/entry way.
3.  Bathroom.
4.  My room.
5.  Dad's room.

Today's mission is to conquer number one.  I have just cleaned up the fridge.  Next, I will proceed to clean out the cupboards and throw up any unnecessary items.  Wipe, sweep, etc.  Finally, I'll be printing out some photographs, frame and hang them, buy flowers, and redecorate.  I'll post documentation photos.

Sunday, August 30

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Can't wait till it comes out!  I'm currently taking a little break before heading out to the city today!

Saturday, August 29

Feeling completely worthless today.  It's funny how I've managed to stay at home with my parents the whole time throughout the summer.  I haven't seen a single friendly face outside of my house in almost a month.  The weather went up to a sizzling 102 degrees today, which meant, time to leave the house! Which also meant time to spend.  In fact, I spent about $250 on four texbooks, a pair of pants, a button up shirt, a pair of sandals, and a t-shirt.  Not bad eh?

I've heard a lot about and that is seriously the best place to get a good deal on books on there on the net. is also really great.  It compares many different sites for you.  I spent about $15 on a $70 book.  So happy about that!


It's still on.

Friday, August 28


And I made something creepy with both sides of my face.

 The top image is the right side of my face.  The bottom image is the left side of my face.  Bottom looks like me and I would give anything to look like the top.  Things just never go the way you want.  That's why you compromise, and I guess my face did just that!
I finished the first season of "Legend of the Seeker" in less than a week.  Can you believe that?!  It was really enjoyable.  Thinking about renting the 2nd season.  Until then, I'm looking up new shows to watch.

Shot from yesterday in my room.  Can you believe that is the sunset view from my room??? If only it were like that in real life.  I did quite a bit of editing in this one.  None of that hair is real.


Spontaneous foot surgery this morning.  I love Asian doctors and being able to walk in for a check up and immediately get operated.  Plus, it's much cheaper and no waiting around.

I'm sitting here in my room, roasting like a chestnut in this 100 degree weather on a cool late August day.  I've been thinking a lot about moving lately, and I am just not ready.  It's not that I'm immature or incompetent in living on my own, but I'm not ready to leave my family.  I know my mother, and her saying she's fine with me leaving really means she's not.  I remember two years ago, I couldn't wait to get out of my house and start a new life, but things have changed and I finally realize what a perfect life I already have.  I log onto my facebook and I see all the transfers and newly admitted students counting down the days till they leave and I wish I was just a little bit as excited as they are.

Wednesday, August 26

Cluttered Like Grapes

I've got a whole book of things to do today.  I found out I got scammed by thinking it was, but I've got that taken care of.  Insurance won't cover my foot surgery, other than that, I just signed the lease to my new apartment complex, I can install a lock on my door, and everything is perfect!

The facial stuff really works!  Or.. could be the olive oil.  Or the fact I am no longer using the Clinique facial wash/moisturizer.  All I know is my skin feels so much better.  I'm trying this new thing called, How Long Can You Last Without Wearing Makeup.  I hear it's very good for a gal, physically and emotionally!

Here's my 365 for today and what I'm currently snacking on.  They're crunchy and sweet and juicy all at the same time.  The perfect candy.

So apparently, my self portrait for yesterday made it to Explore on Flickr.  That's extremely odd.  The photos I enjoy a lot, don't end up making it, but the ones I do like seem to be ignored.  It's funny because I see all these beautiful images that have very deep and effective messages and stimulate many parts of the human brain, then I click on Explore, and all I see is a picture of a block of cheese.  I really don't understand it.  Not saying I'm not honored, I very much am, but why that picture??

Tuesday, August 25


Current Obsession: The Legend of the Seeker

I was somehow dragged into watching it one day and now I can't turn it off.  It's really bad, but so good at the same time!  Cheesy, but sweet.  Kind of like cheesecake!  And you wouldn't want to know what I would do for a slice of cheesecake.

My dad's leaving in less than a week and how am I spending quality time with him?  By sitting in front of my computer watching a dorky show marathon all by myself.

It's 10:53 pm and I am currently trying out the new facial cream made from pure yogurt, oatmeal, and honey.

Here's what I look like as of this moment.  You think it works??  Let's hope.

After this, I put on a thin layer of olive oil and glycerin all over my face.

Lastly, I'm going to watch one more episode of this show, climb into bed, and fall asleep.  Goodnight.

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Five

Why yes, another mannequin looking picture, and with the bag!  Now you can see it life-size.. sort of..

The shoes!

I found this really helpful website with organic scrubs, facials, shampoos, etc.

My top all-natural substitute is sea salt for brushing your teeth instead of toothpaste. It doesn't taste very good, but you'll get used to it. You can also make a paste with a few drops of lemon juice for added stain removing power. The salt also tightens and disinfects your gums. You'll have to force yourself for the first week, but once you see the results, you'll never go back.
 I've been using baking soda for the past week.  There hasn't been too much of a difference in appearance.  And by appearance, I mean whiteness.

Cheap and rejuvenating face mask for all skin types
-one tablespoon of oatmeal
-one tablespoon of natural yogurt
-a few drops of honey.
It's so easy and is great for any skin type. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off and moisturise your skin.
Definitely trying that out within this next week.  I'll see how that goes.

After Lunch Blog

Currently listening: "Hero" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Currently annoyed by: The fact that my apartment complex never picks up when I try to call them.

Apparently, it's good to brush your hair 300 times per day.  The human head has many acupuncture points, when stimulated, does the body wonders.  Who knew?  Maybe I shouldn't get that perm I wanted and invest in a nice handmade wooden comb.  On a slightly unrelated note, I stumbled across this article posted by the wonderful photographer, Katie Lee.  Now the picture below is not of Katie, but of, Lizzi Miller.  Thank God for her, she is slowly changing the way America sees.

I just recently purchased a $100 bag by Steve Madden.  I needed a new, large, and practical bag/purse, what have you, for school.  I didn't have money to spend on a couple thousand dollar Chanel bag and whatnot, however, I did stumble across a cute Marc Jacobs shoulder bag at Neimen Marcus the other day, I didn't have the guts to pull out $200 for the tiny thing.  Anyways, here is the new bag I'll be using for the next two years.  It's not your "oh my goodness, I've got to have that-bag", but I'm happy with it.

I'm having surgery next Tuesday (the day after my dad leaves again) to get half of my toenail removed.  Gross yes?  I'm *super excited.  It really sucks when I walk about a half a mile, or just slightly tap my toe on the corner of my desk and become somewhat paralyzed due the pain of my stupid toe.  Now I can finally walk and wear pretty shoes!  I should treat myself to a new pair soon, maybe after I pay off the $800 medical bill.  Hrmph.

Now to think of what to do for my self portrait today...

To Detox or Not To Detox

Does it actually work?
The lemon water diet is also known as the master cleanse, lemon detox or lemonade diet. Regardless of the name, it is the popular diet that helped Beyonce to get a svelte figure. In as little as two weeks, Beyonce (famous singer/actress) was able to lose up to twenty pounds to regain the figure that she has become so known for. Are you seeking a way to lose the extra ten to twenty pounds that you have been carrying around? Perhaps it’s time that you tried the lemon water diet, which can help you to lose all of that weight – and more!
The lemon water diet is a cleanse that consists of a liquid water beverage that is created using cayenne pepper, organic maple syrup and pure lemon juice to create a drink that the dieter uses as a meal supplement throughout the seven day course of the diet. How do you make this drink? Combine the following ingredients to make this popular weight loss drink: 

-2 tbs. fresh squeezed lemon juice
-2 tbs. organic natural maple syrup
-1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper
-10 ounces of water

I've put on a couple pounds the past few "enjoy your summer while you can days".  And it really shows!  It's funny how I said I was going to wake up every morning at 7am, go hiking, come home to a nice blended fruit breakfast, and be productive every day of summer and all I've done was sleep in till noon and lay around the house all day.  At least I got a website out of it, which if you haven't checked out yet ( 

I did, however, managed to cross out a few things off my to-do list.  In actuality, I had no idea they were going to be crossed out until they were, if that made any sense.  I've become completely sober and have been for months.  I'm not usually a heavy drinker/smoker anyways, but I've managed to not touch it at all, and hopefully never for the rest of my life.  But now on to the more important things, such as this spare tire I've got rolling along down my waist.  See you tomorrow, produce isle!

Currently listening to: Fern Board by The Submarines
Trying to: Get to sleep!

Monday, August 24

In This Moment

I am currently snacking on...

trying to figure out ucsd's bus route...

Seeing as I've never experienced public transportation on my own besides the few "Should I spend months trying to find my way home in this foreign country or take a cab since I can somewhat speak their language"-type of taxi rides, I'm really struggling, and distracted by the deliciousness and fluffiness of this angel cake.

Help.  Not with the eating of course, that's taken care of.  =)


Day two hundred and sixty four of taking photos of myself, and I feel completely vain and unoriginal. I mean, I have fun with the project most days, and I love some of the shots I come up with, but today.. I don't even want to get into it.

As some of you know, I've started a project where I take a self portrait everyday for an entire year. I'm on day 264, as you can see, and I've taken the liberty to delete all my previous posts and start anew. Not only a picture, but a diary! I'll be posting pictures of things I do, recipes I try, new things I discover, in hopes of becoming a fascinating individual. Humor me.

Back to what I was saying, it's not like I think today's photo's bad, but it's completely unoriginal. I feel like a billion different people have taken this exact photograph and evoked this exact emotion and I've taken this photograph about 2000 times before. I can hear Flickr talking to me.. "Hello??? What are you still doing here??? Time to quit already!" Luckily, I've got integrity pulling on me by chains. I'm going to finish this no matter how much I hate it.


My dad's having chest pains and I'm on 'standby' until he feels he needs to go to the hospital. Oh joy. I always knew my parents were old.. but old enough for problems like these? I hate myself for being this young and still in school. Anyways, after him, I'll be next. Foot doctor tomorrow. Apparently, I've got this painful thing lurking around and it's name is Ingrown Toenail. Now you may all proceed to say, "gross."

Welcome to my life.