Tuesday, August 25

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Five

Why yes, another mannequin looking picture, and with the bag!  Now you can see it life-size.. sort of..

The shoes!

I found this really helpful website with organic scrubs, facials, shampoos, etc.

My top all-natural substitute is sea salt for brushing your teeth instead of toothpaste. It doesn't taste very good, but you'll get used to it. You can also make a paste with a few drops of lemon juice for added stain removing power. The salt also tightens and disinfects your gums. You'll have to force yourself for the first week, but once you see the results, you'll never go back.
 I've been using baking soda for the past week.  There hasn't been too much of a difference in appearance.  And by appearance, I mean whiteness.

Cheap and rejuvenating face mask for all skin types
-one tablespoon of oatmeal
-one tablespoon of natural yogurt
-a few drops of honey.
It's so easy and is great for any skin type. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off and moisturise your skin.
Definitely trying that out within this next week.  I'll see how that goes.


  1. Alice, you are a tiny thang. I see no spare tire to speak of. Also, regarding your earlier post, I read that Beyonce did that lemon juice diet to slim down for Dreamgirls, but then immediately gained the weight back when she stopped. Not sure how good that would be for anyone's metabolism :/

  2. Yes, I've heard bad reviews about diets that slim you down right away. The faster you lose weight, the faster you gain weight. Thanks for the input =)