Tuesday, August 25

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Currently listening: "Hero" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Currently annoyed by: The fact that my apartment complex never picks up when I try to call them.

Apparently, it's good to brush your hair 300 times per day.  The human head has many acupuncture points, when stimulated, does the body wonders.  Who knew?  Maybe I shouldn't get that perm I wanted and invest in a nice handmade wooden comb.  On a slightly unrelated note, I stumbled across this article posted by the wonderful photographer, Katie Lee.  Now the picture below is not of Katie, but of, Lizzi Miller.  Thank God for her, she is slowly changing the way America sees.

I just recently purchased a $100 bag by Steve Madden.  I needed a new, large, and practical bag/purse, what have you, for school.  I didn't have money to spend on a couple thousand dollar Chanel bag and whatnot, however, I did stumble across a cute Marc Jacobs shoulder bag at Neimen Marcus the other day, I didn't have the guts to pull out $200 for the tiny thing.  Anyways, here is the new bag I'll be using for the next two years.  It's not your "oh my goodness, I've got to have that-bag", but I'm happy with it.

I'm having surgery next Tuesday (the day after my dad leaves again) to get half of my toenail removed.  Gross yes?  I'm *super excited.  It really sucks when I walk about a half a mile, or just slightly tap my toe on the corner of my desk and become somewhat paralyzed due the pain of my stupid toe.  Now I can finally walk and wear pretty shoes!  I should treat myself to a new pair soon, maybe after I pay off the $800 medical bill.  Hrmph.

Now to think of what to do for my self portrait today...

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    They're all gorgeous. The site's forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.