Saturday, October 10

You don't know the true story till you hear both sides of it.

I hate lies that ex-friends make up.
College has definitely changed me into a different person.

I am a looot and I mean, A LOT, more outgoing than I used to be.  It's like the nervousness of approaching and talking to people has left my body.

Everything is going so well.

And what San Diego is missing are pine trees and rain.  Preferably snow as well.

Sunday, October 4


Military guy keeps inviting himself to hang out with me and some friends... and stalking me and other people's conversations etc.  Why is it that all the desperate guys come after me?  Do I seem that easy... or easy at all, for that matter?
So I broke one of my rules tonight.

And I've been bloated every night this past week. =/

Saturday, October 3

Other than being completely beautiful, what kind of purpose does the eyebrow serve anyway?

I am utterly obsessed with eyebrows and jawlines.


Alright.  I'm a little late on my freshman 15's, but I caught up within the past two weeks.  Now it's time for a diet.  I can't even fit into my shorts without my stomach bulging out.

I've been eating bread, cheese, pasta, avocados, and ice cream nonstop.  Next time I go grocery shopping, I'm buying all fruits and nuts for all my meals.

Last night was crazy.  I have decided that mainstream hip-hop clubs are definitely NOT my scene.  People are so trashy and basically having sex with clothes on with strangers in front of a bunch of people.  And people actually accept and encourage this behavior?  I don't believe it.  I mean, a few guys tried to get me to dance, and I just played dumb thinking they wanted to pass by...  I will not throw away my morals for a night of fun.  That is completely disgusting.  Loud, thumping, heart throbbing music, strangers sucking faces, short short short skirts, pounds of eyemakeup, boners, sweat...  even a fight broke out.  Goes to show how immature all of it really is.

Today will be better.  I'm currently working on homework and catching up on reading.  It really sucks working in a group where you put the effort to contact your group members and they don't respond.  I mean... we have a week to complete the assignment and I sent them a message two days ago.  And there are only three of us.  Does this mean I end up doing all the work?

Yes, today is my complaining in my blog day.