Tuesday, August 25

To Detox or Not To Detox

Does it actually work?
The lemon water diet is also known as the master cleanse, lemon detox or lemonade diet. Regardless of the name, it is the popular diet that helped Beyonce to get a svelte figure. In as little as two weeks, Beyonce (famous singer/actress) was able to lose up to twenty pounds to regain the figure that she has become so known for. Are you seeking a way to lose the extra ten to twenty pounds that you have been carrying around? Perhaps it’s time that you tried the lemon water diet, which can help you to lose all of that weight – and more!
The lemon water diet is a cleanse that consists of a liquid water beverage that is created using cayenne pepper, organic maple syrup and pure lemon juice to create a drink that the dieter uses as a meal supplement throughout the seven day course of the diet. How do you make this drink? Combine the following ingredients to make this popular weight loss drink: 

-2 tbs. fresh squeezed lemon juice
-2 tbs. organic natural maple syrup
-1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper
-10 ounces of water

I've put on a couple pounds the past few "enjoy your summer while you can days".  And it really shows!  It's funny how I said I was going to wake up every morning at 7am, go hiking, come home to a nice blended fruit breakfast, and be productive every day of summer and all I've done was sleep in till noon and lay around the house all day.  At least I got a website out of it, which if you haven't checked out yet (www.alicefan.net). 

I did, however, managed to cross out a few things off my to-do list.  In actuality, I had no idea they were going to be crossed out until they were, if that made any sense.  I've become completely sober and have been for months.  I'm not usually a heavy drinker/smoker anyways, but I've managed to not touch it at all, and hopefully never for the rest of my life.  But now on to the more important things, such as this spare tire I've got rolling along down my waist.  See you tomorrow, produce isle!

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