Wednesday, August 26

Cluttered Like Grapes

I've got a whole book of things to do today.  I found out I got scammed by thinking it was, but I've got that taken care of.  Insurance won't cover my foot surgery, other than that, I just signed the lease to my new apartment complex, I can install a lock on my door, and everything is perfect!

The facial stuff really works!  Or.. could be the olive oil.  Or the fact I am no longer using the Clinique facial wash/moisturizer.  All I know is my skin feels so much better.  I'm trying this new thing called, How Long Can You Last Without Wearing Makeup.  I hear it's very good for a gal, physically and emotionally!

Here's my 365 for today and what I'm currently snacking on.  They're crunchy and sweet and juicy all at the same time.  The perfect candy.

So apparently, my self portrait for yesterday made it to Explore on Flickr.  That's extremely odd.  The photos I enjoy a lot, don't end up making it, but the ones I do like seem to be ignored.  It's funny because I see all these beautiful images that have very deep and effective messages and stimulate many parts of the human brain, then I click on Explore, and all I see is a picture of a block of cheese.  I really don't understand it.  Not saying I'm not honored, I very much am, but why that picture??

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