Friday, August 28


Spontaneous foot surgery this morning.  I love Asian doctors and being able to walk in for a check up and immediately get operated.  Plus, it's much cheaper and no waiting around.

I'm sitting here in my room, roasting like a chestnut in this 100 degree weather on a cool late August day.  I've been thinking a lot about moving lately, and I am just not ready.  It's not that I'm immature or incompetent in living on my own, but I'm not ready to leave my family.  I know my mother, and her saying she's fine with me leaving really means she's not.  I remember two years ago, I couldn't wait to get out of my house and start a new life, but things have changed and I finally realize what a perfect life I already have.  I log onto my facebook and I see all the transfers and newly admitted students counting down the days till they leave and I wish I was just a little bit as excited as they are.

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