Monday, July 5

I'd just like to say that I have been so incredibly lucky.  Actually.. I don't believe in luck.  I'm extremely grateful for the good karma that's been happening in my life.

I spent a great night at the beach for the fourth of July, but ended up losing my phone in the sand.  I stayed out on the beach until 3am looking for it, resulting in me sitting staring into the dark waters with a very slight feeling of hope.

A few hours after, I'm laying in my bed and I'm just thinking about how my mother had JUST bought me this phone less than a month ago and what a careless person I have become.  So I proceed to call my phone once again, hoping for a miracle.

Wonderful Catherine.

A 60 year old white lady with red hair and cream all over her face opens her door as I hand her a bag of strawberries, chocolate, and a potted plant (my thank you gift).  She was taking a stroll this morning around 6:34 when she found my phone buried in the sand.

What an angel.  I keep saying to myself how lucky I am.  But I don't believe in luck... it's pure karma.  And I've been having such good karma lately.  Such drastic scares and such good karma.  I found my tire flat this morning.  Thankfully I wasn't driving when that happened.  And my wonderful yet annoying friend came into town yesterday.. after a GREAT scare on my part.

I want to do a million good deeds in the next week and I never want to stop.  Thank you, world.

Sunday, July 4

It is hard to be excited about going to Europe when you have parents like mine..

Friday, July 2

Continued from yesterday:

- Boiled green tea
- Mashed up a bowl of blueberries.
- Cut up a strip of pineapple and sliced into many pieces.
- Boiled the green tea, mushed up blueberries, and pineapple pieces in a pan.
- A few dashes of cinnamon, a few squirts of lemon juice, a dash of salt and a spoonful of sugar.

I was going to add honey but I couldn't find any.  After it all boiled together I put it in the fridge and viola! I have made.... something.  I used it as salad dressing that night, but I think it might have worked better as tea.

It was fun experimenting though!  I wish I had documented it but that thought came after I had used it all up.  Next time.

Now today, I went to Gilroy and my parents spoiled me with much useless material.

- Trenchcoat/peacoat type thing
- Grey beanie with a ball on top
- A flowery print tube dress
- A long black summer dress
- A short, denim dress
- One black, one grey t-shirt with a pocket on one side.
- Two short sleeved cardigans
- A grey sweater/cardigan type throw

I am the luckiest girl alive.

This book came in the mail the other day.  I started it today and I am on page 45 as we speak.  Apparently, I like it.

I started Slaugherhouse-Five, but for some reason.. my mind hasn't retained a single sentence.  It's really quite sad.

So my summer.  So far I have watched:

Blue Velvet
Toy Story 3
The Runaways
The Boy with the Striped Pajamas
2 Days in Paris
Revolutionary Road
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Role Models
Half of Synecdoche, New York
And I'm almost done with Season 1 of Gilmore Girls

I have seen my friends (meaning left the house) only a handful of times.  And crazy thing is.. I don't mind.

My phone is vibrating and I am sitting in my room listening to French hip-hop.  Time to go.  Au revoir!
Bought a flowery tube dress.  Watched "Role Models".  Made salad dressing/tea.

I made green tea.  Mushed up a 3 handfuls of blueberries, cut up some pineapples

need to finish this blog tomorrow hah!

Monday, June 28

Monday: A wonderful beginning to a wonderful week.

I had a young lad from the City of Angels come visit me all the way up in this ginormous heat wave this weekend.  It was a relaxing and marvelous.  Honestly, if I didn't have visitors, I'd probably be stuck inside being lazy all day... just like today, actually!  I actually got enough energy to wake up at 11:23am to find that my digital clock is still broken.  I managed to get out of bed at the crack of dawn and pulled myself together to make a trip to the library where I borrowed at least 11 different movies/tv series.  I watched "Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and am currently getting through the first season of Gilmore Girls.

Now I am taking a short break from ... well ...... umm.. and I'm blogging!  I actually decided to cook something for my mom and I tonight, but she's not eating home tonight so I will save that for tomorrow.

I love all the wood, frames, and especially the lights.

Now... back to the tube.