Sunday, September 27

Thursday, September 24

If it seems like I'm slacking on my 365 project, that is in fact, the case.  Well.. I have been taking pictures every single day.. but I've been so lazy to upload and edit them.

I just put curtains up as you can see..

Yes, it's supposed to be my first day of 'real' college and I'm putting up curtains.  I went to my lab class about 10 min late, and the door was locked, and there was a notice on the door which said I had to take the lecture class before the labs.  So.. either I was locked out, or there was no lab today.  I'm hoping the latter, probably is the latter.

Anyways, San Diego has been treating me well.  I haven't been talking to my mother much, which is a bad thing.  I mean, I talk to her daily, but it feels like I've been avoiding her, for some reason.  Should give her a call tonight.. after the J5 concert!! I'm SO excited!
I've been meeting so many people!  90% of which names I've forgotten.. did I already mention that in my previous post?  I think I did.

You know that butterfly feeling you get when you meet someone special?  Yeah, I had that.  For about 2 minutes till I realized either the person was really stoned, which is a complete turnoff, or that person was an asshole, which is worse turnoff, or that person was ... stupid?  Anyways.. it felt good for two minutes, but I'm sticking to my rule of laying low for a couple years.  No matter how badly my stomach flutters.  I hope.

See ya.

Tuesday, September 22

Tomorrow is the last day of summer before officially starting school.I've been socially exhausted after meeting so many people and not remembering a single name that I've decided to take a mini break before school starts.

And I have to take advantage of the fact I live so close to the mall!
Tomorrow = Day of Shopping.

Will not stop until I find... some of these...

-A floral button up blouse preferably with a front bow.
-A cute headband
-A new necklace
-A cutesy designed cardigan
-Pants that aren't jeans.

Saturday, September 19


I can't complain.  It's beautiful here, the beach and views are amazing.  Made a new friend and went out to explore last night, but it's not home.

Thursday, September 17

Health Nut

I can't wait till I get the keys to the pool.  I can actually start working out!

This morning, I...

woke up at 8am.
had breakfast which consisted of a banana, and half a grapefruit.
talked to mom and video-ed with friends.
reorganized my closet, vacuumed, wiped down the kitchen and set up the rice cooker and water heater.
made lunch, which I am currently eating which consists of dark purple grapes, a salad with italian dressing, a stick of celery, and again, sweet bread with gormet cheese with red peppers.


Wednesday, September 16


The move couldn't have been any better.

I conquered a 10 hour road trip in only 6.  Mastered my singing along the way.  People couldn't be more nice and helpful.  My roommates are super clean!  One of them is giving me his parking spot.  My room is HUGE!

Woke up at 7 am this morning, did some shopping and reorganizing and now I'm sitting on the floor eating sweet bread smeared with gormet cheese, a plate of italian salad and a bowl of dark purple grapes and drinking a tall bottle of smart water. 

I'm going to pick up my $20 desk this evening from a UCSD graduate and it's exactly the kind of desk I'm looking for!!  Things are so smooth and easy I really don't deserve it.  =)

Monday, September 14

Packed all the way to the tip of my car.
I've got two mixed cds and four hundred fifty eight miles to go.

A Day Away

Moving in less than 24 hours.  I am less than excited.

"Just go with it."
"San Diego is amazing!"
"You'll love it!"

I know... I know.. I just cannot stand leaving my mother.

Saturday, September 12

Is that not amazing??  And the photographer is only 16!

I'd love to be able to take shots like these.. and have models who aren't flakes.  Bah!

Friday, September 11

Last couple of days...

I'm still packing.  Not quite done yet.  I've put off trying to figure out the bus/shuttle route for school, so I've got to get on that sometime within the next few days.  I can't believe this is actually coming.  4 more days.  It's so surreal, something I never expected to happen until 10 years later.  Can you tell that I am soo overwhelmed by the continuous blogging on the same subject twenty times already?

Ella Fitzgerald is keeping me company.

Tuesday, September 8

Originally uploaded by Alice.Fan
I can't believe it. I'll be gone in less than a week...
No parts of me are excited. I'm so nervous I'm shaking as I type this..

Sunday, September 6

My Goodness

Why am I so anti-social?  Why is it that I rather spend my Saturday night at home with my mom and a movie than out with friends?  Has my life sped up 30 years without me knowing?  I am seriously such a grandma these days.

I mean.. so I get these invites to do things with people, but I seriously deep down.. do not want to.  It seems like such a drag needing to change out of my pajamas and look somewhat presentable.. not that I don't do that most days for my 365...

I have a week left (mixed feelings) before the big vacation so if I don't get my bottom off of the ground, I may not have a chance to say goodbye to some of the people in my life.

Friday, September 4

Here's one way to look at it...

Possibly one of the most frightening things I will ever have to face in my entire life.  Leaving the life I grew up.  I'm not actually moving, I'm just taking a vacation.  Doesn't that sound so much more better?  Now it makes me actually want to go.

Ahemm.. guilty of cyberstalking my soon-to-be roommates.  I did a little more investigation tonight.  Apparently 2/3 of them are Christian.  The other is Agnostic.  Not bad.  At least I know, or I think I know that the religious two could have some profound morals.  Or not..  The other guy seems nice.  He's into the same things I am.   Time will tell.  In two weeks actually!  Two weeks minutes two days.  Can you believe that?  In two weeks minus two days, I will be going on vacation.

For those of you reading this.. you probably know me, somewhat.  You know the people in my life, the current pickle I could be in, which makes me a bit hesitant about blogging myself, because in one click of a button, the person I could be talking about would find this, read it, and absolutely disgustingly vomit all over me.  But that is not my intention.  I have no need to disrespect, harm, or belittle any part of you, unless of course you give me a reason to do so.... hold that thought.  I'm in the mood for a movie.

Tuesday, September 1

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RRE vamp

So the rearranging/cleaning/decorating has made our house into a mess!!  I completely redid the living room and now working on the kitchen.
 A complete mess!!