Monday, August 24


Day two hundred and sixty four of taking photos of myself, and I feel completely vain and unoriginal. I mean, I have fun with the project most days, and I love some of the shots I come up with, but today.. I don't even want to get into it.

As some of you know, I've started a project where I take a self portrait everyday for an entire year. I'm on day 264, as you can see, and I've taken the liberty to delete all my previous posts and start anew. Not only a picture, but a diary! I'll be posting pictures of things I do, recipes I try, new things I discover, in hopes of becoming a fascinating individual. Humor me.

Back to what I was saying, it's not like I think today's photo's bad, but it's completely unoriginal. I feel like a billion different people have taken this exact photograph and evoked this exact emotion and I've taken this photograph about 2000 times before. I can hear Flickr talking to me.. "Hello??? What are you still doing here??? Time to quit already!" Luckily, I've got integrity pulling on me by chains. I'm going to finish this no matter how much I hate it.


My dad's having chest pains and I'm on 'standby' until he feels he needs to go to the hospital. Oh joy. I always knew my parents were old.. but old enough for problems like these? I hate myself for being this young and still in school. Anyways, after him, I'll be next. Foot doctor tomorrow. Apparently, I've got this painful thing lurking around and it's name is Ingrown Toenail. Now you may all proceed to say, "gross."

Welcome to my life.


  1. A speck of Alice! I'm intrigued by this new development: prose in your picture-book. You ARE a fascinating individual. Only, now people will be able to get a more factual feel for Alice instead of wondering about her through mysterious images :P