Friday, September 4

Here's one way to look at it...

Possibly one of the most frightening things I will ever have to face in my entire life.  Leaving the life I grew up.  I'm not actually moving, I'm just taking a vacation.  Doesn't that sound so much more better?  Now it makes me actually want to go.

Ahemm.. guilty of cyberstalking my soon-to-be roommates.  I did a little more investigation tonight.  Apparently 2/3 of them are Christian.  The other is Agnostic.  Not bad.  At least I know, or I think I know that the religious two could have some profound morals.  Or not..  The other guy seems nice.  He's into the same things I am.   Time will tell.  In two weeks actually!  Two weeks minutes two days.  Can you believe that?  In two weeks minus two days, I will be going on vacation.

For those of you reading this.. you probably know me, somewhat.  You know the people in my life, the current pickle I could be in, which makes me a bit hesitant about blogging myself, because in one click of a button, the person I could be talking about would find this, read it, and absolutely disgustingly vomit all over me.  But that is not my intention.  I have no need to disrespect, harm, or belittle any part of you, unless of course you give me a reason to do so.... hold that thought.  I'm in the mood for a movie.

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