Thursday, September 24

If it seems like I'm slacking on my 365 project, that is in fact, the case.  Well.. I have been taking pictures every single day.. but I've been so lazy to upload and edit them.

I just put curtains up as you can see..

Yes, it's supposed to be my first day of 'real' college and I'm putting up curtains.  I went to my lab class about 10 min late, and the door was locked, and there was a notice on the door which said I had to take the lecture class before the labs.  So.. either I was locked out, or there was no lab today.  I'm hoping the latter, probably is the latter.

Anyways, San Diego has been treating me well.  I haven't been talking to my mother much, which is a bad thing.  I mean, I talk to her daily, but it feels like I've been avoiding her, for some reason.  Should give her a call tonight.. after the J5 concert!! I'm SO excited!
I've been meeting so many people!  90% of which names I've forgotten.. did I already mention that in my previous post?  I think I did.

You know that butterfly feeling you get when you meet someone special?  Yeah, I had that.  For about 2 minutes till I realized either the person was really stoned, which is a complete turnoff, or that person was an asshole, which is worse turnoff, or that person was ... stupid?  Anyways.. it felt good for two minutes, but I'm sticking to my rule of laying low for a couple years.  No matter how badly my stomach flutters.  I hope.

See ya.

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