Monday, July 5

I'd just like to say that I have been so incredibly lucky.  Actually.. I don't believe in luck.  I'm extremely grateful for the good karma that's been happening in my life.

I spent a great night at the beach for the fourth of July, but ended up losing my phone in the sand.  I stayed out on the beach until 3am looking for it, resulting in me sitting staring into the dark waters with a very slight feeling of hope.

A few hours after, I'm laying in my bed and I'm just thinking about how my mother had JUST bought me this phone less than a month ago and what a careless person I have become.  So I proceed to call my phone once again, hoping for a miracle.

Wonderful Catherine.

A 60 year old white lady with red hair and cream all over her face opens her door as I hand her a bag of strawberries, chocolate, and a potted plant (my thank you gift).  She was taking a stroll this morning around 6:34 when she found my phone buried in the sand.

What an angel.  I keep saying to myself how lucky I am.  But I don't believe in luck... it's pure karma.  And I've been having such good karma lately.  Such drastic scares and such good karma.  I found my tire flat this morning.  Thankfully I wasn't driving when that happened.  And my wonderful yet annoying friend came into town yesterday.. after a GREAT scare on my part.

I want to do a million good deeds in the next week and I never want to stop.  Thank you, world.

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