Tuesday, June 8

Studying for finals! Cramming, reading, memorizing.  I need a break.  Which is why I treated myself to three vegetarian Chipotle tacos.  So bad but so good.

Just three more days of studying then three months of freedom!

I've complied a list of things to do over summer.

- Learn at least a new dish a week.
- Watch at least 5 movies a day.
- Learn a new language and be conversational, not fluent.
- Travel to at least two different places out of the state.
- Make new photo series.
- Work on a film.
- Learn to develop film.
- Keep a daily blog.
- Expand my mind and do as much art as possible.
- Read!

No day is to be wasted on 'relaxing', and I'm SO excited!

I enjoy this image.

A bientôt!

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